Ford coupes and GT's

to kick of my ramblings Iets look at these wonderful vehicles shall we..

I will let the pictures do the talking but in brief, this first picture is my onyx black 1974 XB Falcon hardtop which runs a mild 351ci V8, 4 speed top loader transmission and 9 inch diff.  Its a pig to drive, smells of petrol, sounds like Armageddon, has marginal brakes, skinny steering wheel, heavy clutch, no radio, vinyl trim and notchy gear shift......and I love it.

It does however have  a factory windback sunroof, power steering and factory a/c.

Not to be outdone this is  my 1974 Apollo blue XB Falcon GT sedan which, also a 351 ci V8  but C6 auto trans and 9 inch diff. I bought this car back in 1993 as a run down but honest car and  after restoring it, I sold it on a few years later. Its something I  regretted later on  but at the time I had little choice. The good news is I managed to track it down a few years ago in Perth W.A and was able to buy it back after a bit of back and forth, sadly though it was in  rather a sad state . It is currently having a bare metal restoration and I cant wait to get it back on the road....let the good times roll.

This car is a bit more up spec also having a factory windback sunroof, cloth trim, power windows and wait for it... factory cassette player. Talk about luxury. Check out the before and after shots from the first time I owned it in 1993.

I grew up around these classics, my older brothers had them as teenagers and some of my best memories were of sliding around in the back seat  as a kid while they disposed of some of GM's finest. Needless to say I had first falcon GT at 19 years of age few other have come and gone over the years but the passion never goes away.

These are some of my previous GT falcons that I sold on for various reasons. Some I regret, others not so much.